The latest production technique from experienced toolmakers

With decades of experience working in the toolmaking industry, we have expertise in both heritage and modern production techniques. We continue to innovate with new technologies while implementing the skills and knowledge from the past if required. We protect our tools and production facilities to ensure no interruption to our processes or your business requirements. Our production offerings include:


Metal Pressings

We offer metal pressings for single operation and progression tooling. Progression tooling is less operator dependent than single operation and therefore cheaper, yet more sophisticated, with multiple operations running simultaneously. Any size or quantity run is possible.


Power Presses

Hare, C-frame and double ram configuration presses are available, from 5 to 160 tonnes. We have modern tool protection techniques and servo strip feed control to increase tool life, reduce downtime and provide cost effective robust quality parts.


Deep Draw

Our hydraulic press has deep draw capability up to 100mm. It’s ideal for cost effective high-precision production in large volumes. Components manufactured using the deep-drawn process are often lightweight but incredibly strong.


Assembly and Finishing

We offer any ancillary operation required, either in-house or using approved subcontractors, including assembly, spot welding, finishing and packing, so you only deal with one point of contact for the products you need.

Ctap Arc Welding

Arc Welding

Members of our team are skilled in welding, for any welding requirements you may have.

If you are seeking a team of skilled manufacturers and toolmakers using the latest production techniques…

Penlon, a medical device manufacturer of life sustaining equipment has worked with CTAP for many years. Recently we had a requirement to outsource critical parts and sub-assemblies. The whole process was seamless, and parts were validated without issue or disruption. I would not hesitate to recommend CTAP.

Sourcing Manager – Medical Device Manufacturer (Life Sustaining Equipment)