Supporting your toolmaking design process

Tool design and toolmaking can take years of experience and we are pleased to offer our decades of expertise to you if you are seeking support with your designs. Consider us as your own presswork and toolmaking division. We can work with you at any stage of the design process to ensure you achieve the most accurate and best possible outcomes. In the long run, this saves you time, money, and removes any stress around getting designs 100% accurate yourself. In our experience, the earlier we are involved in your process, the better the chance of a highly positive result with your pressed metal and toolmaking solutions.

We often work to strict NDAs so we keep your designs and ideas completely confidential. We are always keen to understand the application and offer our own input to benefit you. We are also open to taking on a challenge, we’re keen to help – and we’re passionate about getting toolmaking right for you. Plus, we like to think outside the box so if you’re not sure where to turn to next with your designs, we’re here to assist you.


Prototyping and R+D

We have a long and successful track record of working with our customers on prototyping and research and development (R+D). We can also extend our services to include project management, build and testing, and we can join your in-house design team meetings to add our own unique, specialist input.

Cad Cam


Our fully 3D VISI Series CAD facility enables us to solid model components and develop them to flat blank form, generating strip design and progression tools in solid format. This data can then be extracted to generate tool piece part drawings in traditional form. Machining and wiring programs can be created directly from the 3D solid models for toolpath calculations and simulation of tool movements, to ensure error-free machining.


Design and evaluation support

We also offer our own on-site design facilities to customers without access to CAD, Visi and SolidWorks. In doing so, we are able to work alongside them to develop their pressed metal components and associated parts, such as plastic moulding and more, cost effectively and within their design constraints. This service is available to all customers who wish to get value for money from their components and products. We can import existing CAD files to evaluate and initiate tooling if time constraints are a concern.

If you are seeking a team of innovative toolmakers to support your development process, why not contact us today?

We needed a series of pressed aluminium parts for a new product, and after contacting a dozen UK press shops felt immediately comfortable with CTAP. They listened to the brief and were able to translate this into a cost effective and flexible tool design, appropriate for our current volume requirements. They’ve also designed and built some small pierce and crop equipment for us, which works really well.  They’re a great team of people who are responsive and easy to deal with.

Operations Director – Renewable Energy Industry