Adding value through expertise, processes and automation  

If you require a unique component, process, assembly or product, we can help. In addition to tooling thousands of parts and working tirelessly for mass production, we can also support you with toolmaking processes to automate manufacturing through press tooling and product assembly. In fact this is where we play to our strengths. Our toolmaking expertise enables us to work closely with you to design and produce the bespoke products and processes you need.

By working alongside our team, your unique designs can be created faster, accurately and to the highest quality. You get the exact product and process you need first time, through benefitting from our consultative approach. We’re reactive, responsive and innovative, and we won’t let you down. We always listen to understand your targets and desires.


Our bespoke production machines

We combine our press tool expertise with a programmable logic controller (PLC) to control the press. Hydro-pneumatic and hydraulic power is used in our specialist machines. These machines incorporate press tool assembly feeders – manual, semi-automatic and automatic – enabling pressed metal components to be manufactured in-house or integrated into your own production lines. This is with or without operator dependency and the need to have presses and the regulatory controls that come with them.

Working together on bespoke products

We offer our design facilities to customers without access to CAD. This enables us to work and consult alongside you to develop bespoke designs. This service is available to all customers and should be used as early on in your process as possible. Project management is also an optional and unique service we can provide.

We have found Cotswold Tooling and Press a pleasure to work with. The company have helped us develop solutions, which allow the business to outsource some of our batched production work, freeing up much needed resources. The quality of the work is first class, and they really understood what we were looking for, and what details were important for us.Operational Excellence Leader – Engineering/Science Industry

If you are seeking bespoke toolmaking, why not contact us today?